parent letter

August 2021

Dear students and parents,

It is at this time I would like to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year. This is an exciting time for all of us. We are almost back to a normal school year. We will still have many of our precautionary measures in place from last year, but with fewer restrictions. Before we get to the nuts and bolts of room 18, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the measures that will be in place. 

  1.  Students must have a mask with them at all times and we will continue to do symptom checking daily before entering the classroom.
  2.  Staff and students will need to wear a mask while indoors (this includes bathrooms)
  3.   Masks are not required outdoors (this means we will be able to have a normal recess and PE)
  4.  Lunch will be the same as  last year, we will eat together as a class with spaced out seating.
  5.  At dismissal, we will be exiting out of assigned gates ours will be the same one they entered campus at (gate by the Staff lot/ leads to the playground)

Now to the nuts and bolts of room 18. We  will continue to focus on 4 character traits, (Our Bulldog PAWS- Practice Safety, Accept Responsibility, Wise Choices & Show Kindness). We will be discussing and demonstrating what it is to use our PAWS both inside and outside the classroom. These traits will be echoed and seen each and every day on our entire campus!

Classwork/ Homework

Students will receive an assignment calendar every week to be used to record class and homework assignments on a daily basis. You may also check my website to see the  assignments/tests assigned for that day and for upcoming quizzes, tests and projects. I will also send out reminders daily on Class Dojo.


Grades will be determined with a 4 pt. scale (4- 85% and above, 3-84% to 70%, 2- 69% to 55% and a 1- below 55%). If your child is missing work or tests because of an absence, then he or she must take the responsibility to get these items turned in to the late/absent basket located in my classroom for full credit. I will also accept late work or tests, not due to an absence, for partial credit. Accuracy, neatness, and best effort are essential for your child to meet the expectations of this class.


I will be using Class Dojo. This will allow you to monitor your child's daily behavior. Explaining when redirection was needed and to show you your child's positive reinforcement of " the Bulldog Way". Class Dojo will also allow me to communicate with you about upcoming events and reminders.

Recommended items

  1. a folder to bring work and fliers home (PTSA folder is perfect)
  2.  sharpened pencil and a hand sharpener
  3. an expo marker and something to use as an eraser (e.g. sock)


Once again, welcome to the new and exciting year. I look forward to working with each and of you this year. I welcome any questions, concerns and/or suggestions you may have.
[email protected] or you may Class Dojo me


Thanks for your time and support.


Chris Kelly