Hill Creek School 

Students will be participating in a variety of team sports as well as individual skills and conditioning. California has set standards for 6th through 8th grade physical education. In order to meet these standards, we will require each student to participate on a daily basis. Attitude and effort will also impact the students’ grades!

DRESS CODE: The dress code will be strictly enforced during P.E. It will consist of a Hill Creek P.E. shirt and shorts, socks, and ATHLETIC shoes. Dressing out is 1/3 of their overall P.E. grade. Uniforms may be purchased at Al’s Sport Shop located at 9250 Mission Gorge Road. Please see your P.E. teacher if you have any questions.


Students will be required to actively engage in a variety of team sports and individual fitness activities. Participation is 1/3 of their overall P.E. grade.

RUNNING THE MILE: According to the California State Standards, students must run on a regular basis. We will be running the mile to improve individual times once every week. Passing mile times are 1/3 of their overall P.E. grade.

LOCKS & LOCKERS: Students will have an assigned locker and will be given a combination lock. Students are responsible for locking their belongings (backpacks, iPads, clothes, etc.) in their lockers during the P.E. period.

PE EXCUSE DUE TO HEALTH OR INJURY: If a student is ill or injured, the student needs to provide a note from a parent or doctor to be excused. After three days, a doctor’s note is required for long-term illnesses or injuries. This note will be given to our school nurse.


Dressing Out = 1/3 of overall grade

Participation = 1/3 of overall grade

Mile Run = 1/3 of overall grade

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Hill Creek Middle School P.E. Teachers