District Cell Phone Policy


If your child must carry a cell phone, it is required that it remain turned off and out of sight throughout the school day. District cell phone policy follows the regulation: "See it, hear it, use it, take it." A cell phone will be confiscated if it is out in plain site, rings, beeps, is used to text, video record, or used for any numerous tools and applications.

District policy states that it will be confiscated with the following actions:

* 1st incident: Confiscated, yellow card step assigned, student may pick up phone at

the end of the day

* 2nd incident: Confiscated, yellow step card assigned, parent must pick up phone at

end of the day

* 3rd incident: Confiscated, in-school-suspension, parent must pick up phone at the

end of the day.

If the policy is broken at the end of the school day, then confiscation and consequences will be served the following day. The school office phone is available for all students at the end of the day.

If a student must make or receive a call on their cell phone, there is a designated phone zone to be used by students prior to the first bell and after the dismissal bell. The phone zone is located within the walls of the Bulldog amphitheatre in the front of the school. This is the only location in which students may use their cell phone on campus.