Tips for Reading

Tips for reading with your child.

  1. Find books that are at your child's level. They should be able to read the words with about 95% accuracy-missing about 1/15 words. If they are struggling with the words they will not be reading for meaning. Don't hesitate to read books you feel are too "easy". This is one of the best ways to increase their reading ability.
  2. Spend time looking at the cover. Talk about what they think the book will be about. Talk about what they already know about the subject. Engaging what your child already knows about the book will greatly increase how they approach the reading. What they already know gives them the ability to ask "smart" more focused questions.
  3. Sometimes you may want to do a picture walk first. This helps them get an idea of what the book will be about. Encourage them to question what is happening or may happen.
  4. Talk about the story as they read it. This helps them to see the purpose of reading is always understanding the story. If they don't understand, go back and re-read.
  5. Always talk about the setting and the characters.
  6. Ask your child to put themselves in the characters position. Would they do the same thing? Would the outcome be the same?
  7. Talk about the problem in the story-every story has one. Use the word conflict interchangeably with problem. Talk about how the conflict is resolved.
  8. Compare this story with others they have read.
  9. Talk about the vocabulary and new concepts.
  10. Remember the questions your child asks while reading are much more important than the questions you ask after they read the story.
  11. Make reading fun and a time they will look forward to and they will!