School Closure Learning Links

Additional Resources:

Freerice is an ad-supported, free-to-play website and mobile application that allows players to donate rice to families in need by playing a multiple-choice quiz game. For every question the user answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated via the World Food Programme.

Games For Change curates digital and non-digital games that engage contemporary social issues in a meaningful way. Contains over 175 games from the Games for Change Community including past G4C Awards nominees and winners. Some games are free to play and others have fees that can be paid on external sites.

Daily Read Alouds:

Llama, Llama Time to Share

Ladybug Girl and Bingo

Llama, Llama Mad at Mama

Grumpy Monkey

Daily Estimation Jars:

Batteries   Answer for Battery Estimation Jar

Candy canes   Answer for Candy Cane Estimation Jar

Crayons   Answer for Crayon Estimation Jar