List of Book Report Projects

Book Report Options

You choose the project!

Write a story (a prequel, sequel, character sidebar, a new character observing the story, a different protagonist, from the antagonists POV, 3rd person Omniscient, 1st person, etc.)

Create a book of poems

Create a storyboard with important scenes from the novel.

Create an alternate book cover including dust-jacket summary.

Create a Quote Collage.

Write and perform a short interview scene with one of the characters from the novel.

Create a model of an important setting from the novel and include a short description card to explain its significance. Use legos, minecraft, google draw, clay, action figures, etc. The sky's the limit.

Create a timeline of events from the story.

Create a newspaper with events, advertisements and announcements that might have been published during the time of the novel.

Create a mock "News Broadcast" with stories about your novel. Either film it or perform it for the class.

Act out a scene of significance and explain, in writing, why you chose this scene.

Create a video project, using iMovie. (movie trailer, interview, documentary)

Create an image slideshow set to music.

Retell a scene from the story from another character's point of view.

Compare/ Contrast one of the characters in the novel to a character from another novel you have read.

Do a plot outline with icon pictures for each event.

Connect the content of the book to another academic content area such as: Science, history, math. Explain the examples of these subjects found in the novel.

Create a travel brochure relating to the settings in the novel.

Create a virtual tour of the important locations in the story using google maps.

Create a setting box with characters from an important scene. Use Dialogue and details to show understanding.

Reader's theater performance.

Read-alouds of key passages (with discussion, visuals, and commentaries).

Report on the author's life and connections to the story with examples from the text.

Create and explore a new character for the book.

Collages representing different characters.

A piece of artwork-painting, sculpture, poem, mobile, collage, diorama-interpreting the book.

An original skit based on the book.

Diary of a character.

Letter recommending the book to the acquisitions librarian.

Impersonation of a character (in costume, with props).

Interview with the author (real or fictionalized).

Create a social media page for a key character. Include posts, friends, facts, profile, sites they like, etc.

Letters to (or from) a character.

The story rewritten for younger kids as a picture book.

Plan a party for all the characters in the book. What would each character bring and why?

A song or a dance about the book.

Family tree of a key character.

Gravestone and eulogy for a character.

A puppet show or digital character presentation about the book.

Choose a non fiction topic related to the book and explore it with insights from and connections to the story.

Create an infographic with important facts, quotes, data, info from the book.

Make a website for you story, or a character from your story.

Make a word collage wordle for your book, and explain your thoughts/ reflections on the word sizes.

Create a blog for your favorite character.

Create a graphic novel of the most significant scenes in the book.

Create a series of memes for your story/ characters.

NO thanks:

Powerpoints, summaries, drawings. These may be good components of other projects, but are not good candidates for thoroughly exploring your understanding of the book.