Spelling Word Activities

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Activities Parents Can Do With Spelling Words

  1. Use a word in a complete sentence and ask your child to think of a complete sentence. This checks for word comprehension and helps them practice composing complete sentences.

  2. Make word cards for each word on 3x5 cards or other small cards.

  3. Make word cards of other common words your child already knows so they can combine them with the spelling words to make new sentences.

  4. Use the word cards to categorize the words by spelling patterns or other ways-verbs, colors, etc.

  5. Try to write a poem using the spelling words. Have your child write out the poem. They can practice reading it and bring into class to share.

  6. As you read books with your child look for these words in the text.

  7. Write out the words and have your child mark the vowels or circle the blends etc. To mark vowels use a "smiley face" curved line over short vowels and a straight line over long vowels and line across silent letters-like e on the end of words.

  8. Talk about the words while you are driving.

  9. Make a weekly placemat with words on it so they can look at the words while eating.

  10. Give your child a written and oral pretest.