Blue Step Card Procedure


Yellow step card warning referrals may be given by junior high teachers throughout a student's day. Yellow step cards are tracked between junior high activities. All yellow step card counts start over after each activity.

The following behaviors will result in yellow step card warning referrals:

- Tardiness

- Chewing gum or eating candy

- Engaging in public displays of affection

- Violation of school dress code

- Rough/horse playing

- Disrupting the learning environment

Yellow card consequences:

* 1st yellow card = Step 1: document infraction, conference with teacher

* 2nd yellow card = Step 2: document infraction, conference with teacher

* 3rd yellow card = Step 3: document infraction, office referral, phone call home from V.P., loss of next junior high activity

* 4th yellow card = Step 4: In school suspension, parent contact, loss of next junior high activity

All infractions will be signed off by parent/guardian. Student loss of card will automatically result in Step 3 procedure. Upon completion of a junior high activity, yellow step counts will start over.