Parent Resources

Hello Parents & Guardians, 
Most of the programs will be using will be in your child's "Clever" app on their ipad. "RazKids" is another app we will be using that is not within the "Clever" app.

Link to Autofill your child’s username and password on their device (for CLEVER app) so they DON’T have to type it in every time they use the app:


Raz-Kids app is on your child’s iPad. It has an orange background with a robot. The students do not have this as an assignment this week, but their names and levels have been entered. The very first time they login, it will ask for a “Teacher Password”. Please type in:   lfee48  (the first character is a lowercase L).  You will only have to do this step the first time you log in.

  • Once teacher info has been entered, it will bring you to a screen of student names. Tap on your name.
  • It will always ask you for a password. Your child’s password is the 5 digit Student ID number that the district gave you. It is also on the paper that came with your child’s iPad. It is also your child’s lunch # (if they know it.) This is a great number to have your child begin to memorize. They will use it through the 8th grade!
  • Once in, you will see a menu of books. Each book will have 3 icons (headphones, book, question mark). (Some lower levels do not have the question mark.)
  • I will be showing the kids… but I always ask kids to Listen to the story (headphones icon) twice.
  • Then read the book (book icon) twice. The 2nd time you read, you can tap the microphone in the top right and record your voice. The computer sends the recording only to my computer. This would be great for me to gauge the progress of their fluency in reading.
  • Next take the quiz (question mark icon). Most of the levels will read the question and all of the answer choices if you tap on the speaker icon next to each one. Tap your answer and slide to next question. It will immediately tell the score when you are finished.
  • All tasks are recorded on my computer. I will be able to see if each student listened, read, and took the quiz…and how many times!!
  • When the student has listened, read, and taken the quiz for all of the books on the screen, it will automatically load the next level of books to begin!